The Estates

The Firstborn live in estates, collections of stone buildings surrounded by fruit-bearing trees and lush gardens, contained inside a walled compound. Each estate contains the members of a single Great House, with the female having the greatest number of living female children as the matron. Each House has roughly 100 – 150 members, with one tenth been female.

The trees and the gardens require surprisingly little effort so the members of the estate spend most of their time doing what pleases them. Music, sculpture, magic and swordplay are among the favorite pass-times for the house members that are not occupied with raising the children.

Besides the fruits and vegetables from the gardens, which are the primary food source for the house members, each House is also famous for a specific product that it uses to trade with other houses. Although some of it’s members may work in other things, most are usually involved in the primary product’s production.


The Firstborn believe that the world was created by the Being, an amorphous self-sentient energy. They believe that the Being split itself in pieces and turned into the world and everything in it. It is for this reason that everything is connected.

Naturally, the pieces of the Being were not all of the same size. A rock, for example, contains just traces of the Being, while Firstborns (obviously!) contain the greatest fragments. When anything dies / is destroyed, the fragments dissolve into the world, to emerge as something else.


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