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Lands of the Godstone

People of the Plains

Since the start of time, the clans lived in the great plains. And always they followed the bison herds and the horse herds, sometimes in peace when the clans had plenty of food and sometimes in war, when the young studs wanted to gather glory and the next leaders had to be found. And no one of worth grew hungry while the bisons traveled and passed through each tribe’s hunting grounds. And the great rivers divided the great plain in three parts, and all the tribes would gather in their banks and trade among themselves and the leaders would talk through all differences too big for war.

And beyond the river of the Fading Sun, in the valley with the trees, living the tribes of the forest. Small and weak they were, and with only two legs. But they could command the lightning and the metal. And many braves were lost in raids against them, but desparate outcasts always kept going, every time the losses were forgotten, because the loot was good, good enough to buy a place in another tribe.

And some time during the Great Circles some tribes would trade with the forest tribes and some shamans would learn some of their secrets. And great glory and power came to the tribe that managed that.

And beyond the Great River lived the two-legged with the hairy faces. They used horses to move fast like the tribes and also used metal skins to protect themselves. But their shamans were not so strong and many tribes raided across the river to take their animals and tools. And other tribes still traded with them, giving gold and gems for the tools and metal skins.

And so the Cicles passed…

Cities of the God Kings

But fire fell from the sky. And three shamans announced that they would no longer be servants of the spirits, but masters of the spirits and the tribes alike. And many clans joined against them, but these shamans had stolen the secret of the metal from the spirits of the earth, and the secret of thunder from the spirits of the sky and so their tribes were very strong. And the clans that went against them were destroyed, their braves dead, their wives slaves and their children swelling the armies of the new God Kings.

Using stone and earth, permanent tents were build near the rivers, with walls around them. And when the tribes stopped attacking and losing braves trying to bring down the walls, their armier marked paths across the plain and placed stone huts with warriors along it. And every tribe that attacked the travelers on this path was hunted, with metal and fire, until the clans understood that the path was protected and is part of the cities’ hunting grounds.

And it came a time that the tribes started traveling along the trade paths as well, to trade between the clans and the cities. And the shamans stayed in their cities, kings and gods, but also slaves, since they could no longer run across the plain.

And have things stood, for many Circles. And despite the stories about heroes that will through down the shamans and tear down the stone huts, no one has succeeded yet…

Firstborns and Exiles

The Firstborns have always lived in their estates. Everyone had to take the Grand Tour, traveling the world to meet new places and new ways before returning to her mother’s House to enter as an adult, equal in privilege and duty. Some could not accept the estate life and stayed away, forsaking their House, living in one of the eternal forests.

When these became many, they started having children of their own, living in the forests and spurning the Firstborns living in the estates. Looking the same as the Firstborn, these Exiles were subject to diseases and the ravages of time.

The Ephemerals

It came a time that some new sentients braved the mountain passes and met the forest-dwelling Firstborns. Although bigger and stronger, both in body and passions, their lives were very short and the Firstborn called them Ephemerals.

Always willing to help, the Firstborn of the forests allowed them passage and gave them parts of the forests to live. And they cut the trees and build huts, and plowed the ground and planted seeds. And used the plants and the animals of the forest to feed themselves. And the Firstborns accepted it, because the Ephemerals were living so few years, and they lacked the Gift, so they could not live without disturbing the forest.

And the Firstborn were happy that the Ephemerals had come, because new stories would now be heard and new ways learned, new trade ways appear and new destination exist for the roads that joined the estates.

And so the Ephemerals, who called themselves “people” too, stopped their escape and started building new houses, to replace the homes they have left behind. And started trading and learning from the Firstborn of the estates and of the forest, and plowed more fields, and restarted praising Mother Nature and the Firstborn because they had found shelter again. But they did not feel safe, and soon started to use stones to build walls around their biggest villages. And the Firstborns asked, they kept talking about the Living Gods who would come with fire and fury. They spoke in fear, but the Firstborns could not understand how anyone could be a living god, and kept nodding and smiling, because many Firstborn were strong with the Gift and nothing could threaten them. And so the years passed…

The Empire of the Living Gods

And in the east, beyond the mountain passes, the Living Gods kept converting people, either with cures or with curses. And the time came, when all the countries of the east became part of the Empire, and the worship of the Living Gods was the only one left, having erased the old ways with sword and fire. And the people were left alone, to pray to the Living Gods, their army of Godtouched the only hope against the monsters of the night.

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